The damaging realities of the climate emergency are accelerating at pace. Climate change demands immediate action and requires every area of the economy and society to significantly reduce emissions to prevent further catastrophic and irreversible damage to the natural environment.

At Veolia, we excel in solutions for ecological transformation. As the UK’s leading resource management company, we have a comprehensive range of solutions designed to manage water, waste and energy in a way that builds the circular economy – and protects the environment. With even greater impetus to reduce emissions and achieve Net Zero across our business operations, we have ambitious plans to reach Net Zero by 2050 at the latest.

As part of our plans, we recognise that we must take learnings, adapt existing services and adopt new approaches. We must also explore every opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint by investing in green technologies, such as carbon capture, advanced anaerobic digestion processes, hydrogen compatibility, biofuels, and continue to drive up recycling rates by working with communities and customers to minimise waste.

Our plan outlines current progress we aim to build off, our methodological approach to Net Zero, our baseline and our overarching commitments across our key sectors and targets. Finally, we outline our approach to reporting against the progress of our activities.

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